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4 Magazines The Art of Watercolour - Discount Collection YEAR 2016

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Your full 2016 last 4 issues of The Art of Watercolour for only 20 € !

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Meet the artists :
Revelations, discover our selection of noteworthy artists: Isabelle Seruch-Capouillez, Megha Kapoor, Carlos Ortega Delgado, Endre Penovac.
My favourite painting: Angus McEwan, ‘Tea Break’
My latest painting: 8 artists previously featured in your magazine present their latest works. Ona Kingdon, Théo Sauer, Atanas Matsoureff, George Politis, Patricia Castelao, Ong Kim Seng, Xavier Swolfs, Lars Lerin.
Nuria Meseguer, figures: “Combining watercolour and oil helps me to maintain the feeling of infinite mystery of the ocean.”
Alvaro Castagnet, urban landscapes: “Light is an indispensable factor in inspiring me to paint.”
Rose Nygaard, abstract:    “Every one of my paintings is a challenge. I like it that way.”
Portfolio: Kiril Bozhkov. Portraits: “If you love painting and painting loves you back, it can give you so much.”
Stephen Berry, various subjects: “The best paintings aren’t laboured!”
David Poxon, still life and landscapes: “If you love what you do you can eventually get quite good at it, and somewhere down the road someone might pay you to do it.”
Kourosh Aslani, landscapes: “In my opinion, beauty stands out more when paired with unpleasantness.“
Zhou Tianya, portraits and figures:    “I like to paint people to express my ideas. But I ­try not to limit myself to a particular style or subject.”
Special report: Sonia Privat, Chien Chung-Wei, Geoffrey Wynne.
Yael Maimon, genre scenes: “My artwork is grounded in realism yet it is impressionistic in nature. It’s traditional yet contemporary.”

Meet the artists:
Revelations: Discover our selection of noteworthy artists. Marvin Chew, Sarah Wood
Anna Ivanova, Figures: “The difficult part is to portray movement using the dancers’ positions and the play of light.”  
David and Sean Stickel, Reflections: “I do all I can to assist my kids in their art pursuits.”
Ian Ramsey, Waterscapes and landscapes: “It is important to choose subjects you will enjoy painting.”
Liliane Goossens, Abstract: “My watercolours are a coloured window open on the world as I perceive it.”
Portfolio, Yu Hsui-Lin: “Each face conveys a noble spirit, and I want to praise it with my paintbrushes.”
Gary Akers, Genre scenes: "Egg tempera is ideal to render textures.”
Dario Callo Anco, Landscapes and portraits: “I strive to paint the characteristics of Peruvian populations.”
Jia Li, Portraits and figures: “Underwater, the refraction of light brings an extraordinarily beauty to the figures.”
Elke Memmler, Flowers:    “Colour dissolves the subject, shapes change and all that remains is the artist’s original expression.”
Lars Eje Larsson, Genre scenes: “I work a lot with contrasts and I want to have as many contrasting values as possible in my paintings.”
Alain Page, Architecture: “I thrive on precise details.”
Gabriele Koenigs, Miscellaneous: “I want to honour the person I am painting.”

Meet the artists:
Julian Bruere, Outdoor painting: “It is stimulating to be outside and up against it! You see real things and meet odd people.”  
Leo Kaplan, Landscapes: “When I paint I feel as if I am standing in the middle of the flow of time, observing myself at the same time.”
Ken Goldman, Miscellaneous: “Using various mediums in differing ways allows me to express my ideas in a unique way.”
Nicole B.,    Abstract. “Trying to see the abstract shapes that lie beyond the subject and the dominant colour.”  
Portfolio Andrei Zadorine: “Watercolour is only used for the sketches. However, there are some exceptions.”
Isabelle Corcket, Urban scenes: “Café terraces, rooftops, and the simple pleasures of existence are my favourite subjects.”
Jean-Luc Mossion, Landscapes: “For me, painting from life is essential because you are in direct contact with the light.”
Somsak Chowtadapong, Abstract: “Serendipity has made my paintings come to life and prevents them from appearing too perfect.”
Yann Lesacher, Travel Log: “How I spent 5 long hours in custody” and other stories…
Charles Rouse, Cityscapes: “The complexity, vitality and grittiness of cityscapes is a huge draw.”
Tejo Van Den Broeck, Self-portrait: “You can use a self-portrait to convey any idea or message you want.”

Meet the artists:
Portfolio: Shenzhen Biennial. Our selection of paintings from this year’s biggest event in China.
Naomi Tydeman, nocturnal seascapes: in her seascapes, the artist takes advantage of the most famous trait of watercolour: unpredictability.
Dylan Scott Pierce, wildlife and portraits: he paints the breadth of beauty and diversity of the African continent.
Mike Kowalski, genre scenes and landscapes: this Australian artist depicts subjects as varied as boathouses and newsstands in lively brushstrokes.
Vera Dickerson, abstract: whether acrylics or watercolor, the idea always comes first.
Jean Vigué, landscapes and interior scenes: abandoned buildings, farmhouse interiors and pastoral scenes make up his monochromes.
Kim Johnson, animal painting: specializing in canine portraits, this American artist unveils her work habits and her passion for drawing.
Paty Becker, floral: this French artist loves to portray life’s vitality.
Dusan Djukaric, cityscapes: how to portray the mood and atmosphere of a city.
Lynn Powers, portraits: she enters a private conversation with her subject.
Claude Carretta, atmospheric landscapes: he is passionate about his repertoire of effects.

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