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4 DVD - Janine Gallizia

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Découvrez les 2 coffrets DVD dans lequel Janine Gallizia est votre coach personnel pour de nombreuses heures d'aquarelle

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Country of Manufacture
Reference number 9263-1177
Author or artist's name Janine Gallizia
Language Bilingual English/French
Lenght of the movie 420
Editor Diverti Editions
Product description

More than 7 hours with practical advice from Janine Gallizia, Art director of The Art of Watercolour magazine

Box set n°1

DVD 1 : Shapes and tonal values.
• The inseparable relationship between shapes and tonal values.
• How to use values to create light, depth, volume and atmosphere in your paintings.
• How to use shapes and values.
• Using edges and values to create a hierarchy, guiding the eye around the composition.
• How to maintain harmony and balance throughout your paintings.
DVD 2 : Colours.
• How to eliminate most colour problems.
• Learn how to read your paint labels to create your own palette that works!
• What is the Munsell System and how to use it.
• Looking at the three dimensions of colour.
• How to create colour harmony in a painting.
• Using colour to create hierarchy.
• Forget the rules; if it works, it works!

DVD duration : Approximately 220 minutes. PAL : All zones. Compatible PC/Mac.

Box set n°2

DVD1 : How to create atmosphere for any subject
• How to arrange shape, values and colour to build an atmosphere.
• The importance of balance to create a compositional hierarchy.
• How to modify a photo to devise an original composition.
DVD2 : How to find your own unique style
• How to know what is your style.
• A method to know when your painting is finished.
• Learn to analyse your paintings.
• How to evolve your painting when you’re in a rut

DVD duration : Approximately 210 minutes. PAL : All zones. Compatible PC/Mac.

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