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The Art of Watercolour Magazine 51st issue PRINT Edition

This latest edition of The Art of Watercolour initiates a discussion on the roles of watercolorists, competitions, and contests. This is made possible by an extensive interview with Stephanie Goldman, the President of the esteemed National Watercolor Society. Additionally, this issue will take you on a leisurely stroll through the charming streets of Bruges, often referred to as the “Venice of the North”, in the company of Fernand Thienpondt. Furthermore, you’ll find a diverse range of articles introducing you to the various artistic worlds of the featured artists. From Naznin Lalani’s intimate still life paintings to Vladimir Shapovalov’s lively cityscapes and the contemporary creations of Riad, there’s something for every art enthusiast. This autumn issue is eagerly waiting to be explored!

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Stephanie Goldman: Janine Gallizia interviews the current president of the NWS, who shares her views and experience of competitions, volunteering and the future of watercolour…
Naznin Lalani: Her unique style characterised by bright colours and splashes of paint gives rise to works imbued with emotion and nostalgia.
Susan Stuller: With a passion for watercolour and a willingness to take on artistic challenges, she transforms ordinary subjects into extraordinary paintings.
Fernand Thienpondt: An exceptional night time walk with a Belgian master watercolourist through Bruges, the capital of West Flanders and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Richard Thorn: The English artist finds an infinite source of subjects in the ocean, which occupies a key position in his creations that are painted with his feelings rather than with an academic approach
Tim Olivera: Immerse yourself in the world of this Texan artist, in which nature and human existence are subtly intertwined.
Riad: Using subtle brushstrokes and a discreet palette of colours, this young Canadian watercolourist casts his eye over our society
Vladimir Shapovalov: Attracted by the ease that watercolour offers outdoors, he has found his passion in the play of light, which he particularly appreciates in urban scenes.
Irena Roman: Drawn to portraits and still lifes, she uses the fluidity of watercolour to create captivating works that strike a balance between realism and artistic expression.

Special New Readers’ Competition:

The results of our “Industry” themed contest.
Competition winners: lexa Dillon, Annie Strack and Erin Cassetto.

Portfolio: Ken Goldman

The author of sixteen instructional books, a prolific artist and a former president of the NWS talks about some of the subjects and ideas that are important to him.

Revelation: Chihiro Pierce. An artist genuinely moved and captivated by the sight of flowers, she particularly enjoys depicting roses and their multiple layers of petals.

History: Paul Cézanne was passionate about drawing, sometimes embellished with watercolour. These drawings reveal the intimacy of a complex artist totally devoted to his vocation, who continues to influence artists today.
What’s on: Watercolour events from all over the world.
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EDITORIAL: Artistic Creativity, a fulfilling journey

Art in all its forms embodies the most profound expression of human creativity. Artists are the visionaries who bring imagination to life, transcend the limits of reality and connect us to unsuspected emotional and intellectual worlds. The artistic road however is paved with pitfalls, requiring dedication, consistency and ingenuity to succeed.
Creativity: An Essential Pillar
Creativity is the very essence of any artist. It allows them to think outside the box, explore new perspectives and infuse each work with inimitable freshness. Artists must constantly nurture this ability by listening to their inner voice, observing the world around them and boldly embracing challenges. Creativity drives artists to push boundaries, mix styles and create unique pieces that captivate audiences.
As a fundamental art form, painting requires unwavering devotion. Artists must not turn away from their goal, despite periods of doubt and difficulty. Every brushstroke is a step towards mastery of the art. Exploring different techniques, studying the great masters and overcoming setbacks are all milestones on the road to artistic excellence.
Giving back to the world: Volunteering
Volunteering with non-profit organisations is a rewarding way for artists to give back to the community and use their art to make a positive impact. Art workshops for children, decoration projects in public spaces or collaborations with non-profit organisations allow artists to share their talent while uplifting the world around them. Volunteering adds a human dimension to artistic practice, strengthening the link between art and society and bringing a great deal to the person doing it.
Emulation through Art Competitions
Art competitions offer a unique opportunity for evaluation, recognition and growth. Taking part in such competitions encourages artists to step out of their comfort zone, present their creations to a wider audience and measure themselves against their peers. Constructive feedback from judges and the public nurtures artistic progress by highlighting strengths and areas for improvement. The successes achieved in these competitions boost the confidence and determination of the artists. Creativity remains the common thread, weaving all experiences into a coherent trajectory. The ups and downs, the successes and failures, are all learning opportunities. Each completed work is a step towards greater mastery and a deeper understanding of art. The artistic journey requires creativity as a compass, perseverance as fuel, volunteering as an act of generosity and competitions as catalysts for progression. Artists who embrace these elements with passion and commitment are destined to transcend the boundaries of art. Hopefully, the rich and diverse experiences of the artists in this issue will inspire you on your artistic journey, should you feel the need.
Happy reading! The editorial team.

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