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4 Magazines The Art of Watercolour - Discount Collection YEAR 2022

Your full 2022 year with 4 issues of The Art of Watercolour  at an incredible price

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  • Competition winners: Ovidiu IovanelYu Hsuan Hua and Chicca D’Errico
  • Abdelfettah karmane: Extremely personal, with a profusion of detail, his works are both snapshots of life and a reflection on tradition.
  • Revelations: Jef Boeckx (Belgium), Claude Déjean (France), Dominique Thomas (France) and Joël Bérard (France).
  • PORTFOLIO: Francisco Castro. In his paintings, he tries to capture atmosphere rather than providing a realistic representation of the landscape.
  • Jean-Paul Olivari: The artist delights in the representation of the landscapes and old buildings of the South of France, where he lives…
  • Jean Coutard: An approach to watercolour based on subtle value contrasts resonating with his taste for subdued atmospheres.
  • Andrey Esionov: He brings to life scenes inspired by his travels or his wanderings through the streets of Moscow and elsewhere.
  • Alain Chérel: A judicious choice of values as well as careful attention to light’s many variations showcases his subjects.
  • Alvaro Castagnet: This renowned and lively watercolourist talks to us about his painting and his crusade for watercolour.
  • Clive Powsey: The grandiose landscapes of Vancouver Island painted with a great deal of atmospheric perspective.
  • Galina Shargina: Combining elegance, a modern approach and delicacy, her floral paintings are a play on form where the whole takes precedence over details.



  • Kourosh Aslani: He is fascinated by representing the moment, both the moment he paints and the moment he portrays in his atmospheric landscapes.
  • Susy Soulies: Passionate about colour, she demonstrates that it is possible to show freedom in watercolour while relying on a well-constructed and detailed drawing.
  • Ksenija Koloskova: Drawing inspiration from her travels, she walks a fine line between abstraction and figuration, dreams and reality.
  • Viktoria Prischedko: The artist reveals her vision of watercolour in which emotions meet colours.
  • Revelation: Jean-Louis Aparicio. This former globe-trotter has been painting in watercolour for ten years and loves portraits.
  • Anne McCartney: She paints multiple layers of colour, applying masking fluid between each layer to obtain saturated colours in paintings that showcase the depth of her sensibility.
  • Peter Jablokow: An architect by training, he likes the foundations that a solid drawing gives him. It allows him to let go and play with the characteristics of watercolour.
  • Liu Yi: The paintings of this Chinese master are marked by a form of serenity and respect for his subject that only come with an exact and precise knowledge of the technique of watercolour.



  • Steve Rogers: For him, nothing compares with painting his subject on location. Whether at home or abroad, he is always inspired by the desire to capture colour and light in vivid watercolours.
  • Elena Brazzale : Beyond simple resemblance, the Italian artist seeks above all to render the tenderness and expressiveness of her models.
  • Diane boilard: Playing with the density or the lightness of watercolour at will, she paints nature, moving between abstract and figurative approaches.
  • Kate Osborne: For her, expressiveness means freedom. The artist explains how her floral work consists in transcribing her vision of the subject onto paper.
  • Tim Wilmot: This self-taught artist paints in a free, impressionistic style and remains inexorably drawn to landscapes, which he likes to break down into simple shapes.
  • Luis Ruiz Padron: He likes to travel around his home town of Malaga, drawing the portrait of a city that is becoming more modern without denying its past.
  • Stephen Zhang: His landscapes and vivid scenes formed by overlapping washes are both visually rich and emotionally profound. His art incorporates the artistic traditions of the East and the West.
  • Alisa Shea: She always had a weakness for complexity and detail that requires a lot of work.To her, it’s the most rewarding feeling and something she likes to experience every time.
  • Pam Wenger: Through her portraits she searches for truth, striving to capture the soul of her models.



  • Dean Mitchell: This renowned artist has won numerous awards and had the honours of numerous personal exhibitions. For him, sobriety and conciseness are the keystones of a successful painting.
  • Megha Kapoor: For the Indian artist, expressiveness is synonymous with freedom. Her work as a floral painter consists in transferring her unique vision of the subject onto paper.
  • Janice Cipriani-Willis: Her lively and colourful portraits seek to go beyond what she calls “just a portrait” and capture the intimacy of her models.
  • Alfred T. Galura: The Filipino artist paints highly personal still lifes that are the result of his practice and experience and which demonstrate his wide range of know-how.
  • Ric Dentinger: This American artist likes to take objects scarred by time and bring out their hidden beauty by relying on values.
  • Tribute to Jean-Louis Morelle: A great artist and a key figure in French watercolour, he passed away last June at the age of 76. Here is a vibrant tribute to him, both to the man and to his work.
  • John Cooney: Fascinated by the beauty of landscapes and the spectacle of nature, the Irish artist talks about his approach to watercolour.
  • Maureen Fain: For her, the painting is born out of the interaction between the model and the artist’s vision. She captures both the transience of the moment and the permanence of bodies.

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