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4 Magazines The Art of Watercolour - Discount Collection YEAR 2023

Your full 2023 year with 4 issues of The Art of Watercolour  at an incredible price

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  • Gina Hawes. This self-taught artist shows great candour in her approach to watercolour. For her, more than technique, a successful painting is grounded in the knowledge of oneself.
  • Catherine Sommelette: She transcends her floral subjects with delicacy and wet-on-wet painting, turning them into true allegories of painting.
  • Tracy Male: This American painter loves painting everyday objects, depicting them with freshness and contrasts of light and shadow.
  • Jerry Zhon: As a young Taiwanese artist, he has chosen his city of Taipei as his main subject. Rather than picturesque views, he uses a palette of greys to reflect the pollution that plagues his city.
  • Dušan Djukaric: The Serbian painter defines himself as an atmospheric artist.
  • Akbar Akbari: This Azerbaijani artist delights in capturing the spirit of humanity in his true-to-life portraits. He describes his attraction to the genre.
  • Toni Belobrajdic: Inspired by impressionist painting, this Sydney-based artist with a passion for light likes to render the landscapes he comes across using a limited palette. He tells us about his approach to watercolour.
  • William Elliston: This Barcelona-based English painter delights both in rendering light and using vivid colours. He aims to paint on location as often as possible.



  • Mary Whyte. Her latest series pays tribute to American veterans.
  • Ron Thurston: After a career in illustration, the American artist turned to watercolour. His daring compositions featuring his trademark bright blue sometimes border on abstraction.
  • Prasad Beaven: Paintings at the crossroads of East and West in which the artist combines ink and watercolour to achieve a kind of formal simplicity.
  • Louise de Masi: The Australian artist and nature lover is passionate about the fauna of her continent, in particular its birdlife, which she loves to render in delicate transparent washes.
  • Didier Georges: In parallel to working in his studio, he also paints travel diaries, especially in Morocco, a means of expression he appreciates for its spontaneity.
  • Jansen Chow: His colourful paintings are instantly recognisable. Not only is he an experienced artist, he is also an outstanding teacher who enjoys sharing his knowledge.
  • Sterling Edwards: After decades of figurative painting, the American artist decided to turn his back on figuration and embark on the road to abstraction.
  • Pam Mclaughlin: She has been painting watercolour portraits for many years, finding her favourite models amongst friends and family. She talks about the challenges of this particular genre.
  • Ray Balkwill: Representative of the English watercolour tradition, he likes combining pastel, gouache and watercolour to paint the effects of light on the beaches in an original way.
  • Michael Reardon: An expert in architectural views, he paints wet on wet, using blurred contours and effects of light to paint sensitive, skilful watercolours.
  • Revelations: Ivan Yanev and Alexandros Pintilii Karciucas.


  • Liron Yanconsky: Janine Gallizia talks with the Israeli artist and YouTube phenomenon about style, inspiration and creativity.
  • Janine gallizia: How to stimulate commission work and get your art noticed.
  • Daniela Werneck: Her portraits, in which attention is paid to every nuance and expression, express love for her fellow humans. Flawless technique meets unparalleled sensitivity.
  • Jian Wu: This California-based Chinese-born artist paints portraits that combine elements of East and West in a graceful play of light.
  • Portfolio: Vasyl Kohutycha: This Young Ukrainian artist has developed a passion for the architecture of major European cities, which he depicts in stunning bird’s-eye views.
  • Björn Bernström: The landscapes of this Swedish artist fascinate with their strong contrasts and creative approach.
  • Catherine O’neill: The colours she uses evoke the hues of twilight, a moment when the boundaries between reality and imagination seem to blur.
  • Kyle Fortu-Legaspi: This young Filipino artist captures the essence of her subjects through vibrant colours and subtle textures.
  • Gale Webb: She finds inspiration in her imagination to create abstract works with occasional figurative overtones.
  • Valentina Verlato: This Italian watercolourist has a gift for capturing emotion in her portraits. Her works are full of sensitivity and delicacy, revealing the inner beauty of her subjects.
  • Gemma and Scott Macniven: After working as comic book artists, Australian couple Gemma and Scott Macniven decided to create their own watercolours, which they now sell on their website



  • Stephanie Goldman: Janine Gallizia interviews the current president of the NWS, who shares her views and experience of competitions, volunteering and the future of watercolour…
  • Naznin Lalani: Her unique style characterised by bright colours and splashes of paint gives rise to works imbued with emotion and nostalgia.
  • Susan Stuller: With a passion for watercolour and a willingness to take on artistic challenges, she transforms ordinary subjects into extraordinary paintings.
  • Fernand Thienpondt: An exceptional night time walk with a Belgian master watercolourist through Bruges, the capital of West Flanders and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Richard Thorn: The English artist finds an infinite source of subjects in the ocean, which occupies a key position in his creations that are painted with his feelings rather than with an academic approach
  • Tim Olivera: Immerse yourself in the world of this Texan artist, in which nature and human existence are subtly intertwined.
  • Riad: Using subtle brushstrokes and a discreet palette of colours, this young Canadian watercolourist casts his eye over our society
  • Vladimir Shapovalov: Attracted by the ease that watercolour offers outdoors, he has found his passion in the play of light, which he particularly appreciates in urban scenes.
  • Irena Roman: Drawn to portraits and still lifes, she uses the fluidity of watercolour to create captivating works that strike a balance between realism and artistic expression.

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