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The Art of Watercolour Magazine 53rd issue PRINT Edition

The latest edition of The Art of Watercolour celebrates watercolour art's diversity, featuring interviews with artists and honoring the late Robert Wade. Explore exhibitions, talents, and innovations shaping the art world, echoing Picasso's sentiment on art's soul-cleansing power.

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Special New Readers’ Competition: The results of our “Spring scene with figures” themed contest.
Competition winners: Adam Papke, Arthur Koopmans, Hilda Van Netten.

Revelation: Josep Cruañas.
Paul Cadden: Explore the intricate realm of hyperrealism with this artist, whose journey from a simple fascination with ordinary things to the heights of artistic mastery is both gradual and inspiring.
Susan Crouch: A captivating fusion of realism and abstraction, where each brushstroke unveils the essence of her artistic expression.
Kris Parins: A look into the creative process and universe of this artist whose watercolours sometimes evoke the aesthetics of a woodcut or screen printing.
Anne Abgott: From composition to technique, discover art in a new light through the perspective of this American artist who uses dark and vibrant backgrounds for her still lifes.

Portfolio: Robert Wadea
The Australian artist, a pioneer of modern watercolour painting, died last January. A tribute by Janine Gallizia.

Grzegorz Wróbel: An exploration of light, colours and space that comes to life with every brushstroke.
Giuliano Boscaini: For a while now, he has been combining detailed sketches and watercolour, an approach he loves because it allows him to capture the beauty of the world as freely and rapidly as possible.
Éric Alix: In his paintings, tradition and innovation converge harmoniously, giving birth to watercolour portraits infused with personality and emotion.
Tia Kratter: Unveiling the secrets of watercolour mastery through the lens of emotion and precision, and the hidden charms of everyday beauty.
Ruth Armitage: A vibrant world in which she shares her perspective on art as a journey beyond the sheet of paper, emphasising exploration over conventional boundaries.
Rene Eisenbart: Through the artistry of marbling and a patient hand, she infuses her creations with life and a sense of mystery.
Tom Herzberg: In his surrealist works, a lifetime of art unfolds in every brushstroke.
José Tapiró Baró: A virtuoso of watercolour, capturing life with remarkable sensitivity and mastery.

What’s on: Watercolour events from all over the world.
Call for entries

“Art washes away the dust of everyday life from our souls”
Welcome to the latest edition of ‘The Art of Watercolour’, celebrating the diversity and opulence of watercolour art. In this latest release, we present a mesmerizing artistic encounter, featuring an exclusive interview with the renowned artist Paul Cadden, acknowledged as the master of hyper-realistic portraiture. Immerse yourself in a realm where the lines between reality and painting seem to dissolve within his captivating body of work. This issue also pays homage to the late, great Australian master, Robert Wade, who recently passed away. His enduring impact on the realm of watercolour merits celebration, and we honour him through a dedicated portfolio. Delve into the most recent developments from prominent watercolour exhibitions and events that are steering the course of the art world. Uncover the behind-the-scenes intricacies of these events, the burgeoning talents, and the innovations that are shaping the future of this unique form of artistic expression.
As you peruse this edition, you will encounter numerous artists, exploring their distinctive worlds and drawing inspiration from their techniques. Let yourself be carried away by these encounters and interviews, which unveil the passion and creativity propelling the watercolour world forward. Echoing the wisdom of Pablo Picasso, who stated, that “Art washes away the dust of everyday life from our souls”, plunge into this issue with the curiosity of a child and allow art to guide you on a sensory and emotional expedition. Happy reading, and may each page unfold as a new artistic adventure, awakening your creative spirit.

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Reference number14906-AOW 53
Edition dateMar 15, 2024
EditorDiverti Editions
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